Thursday, 21 August 2008

Muang Consipiracy - What conspiracy? An Introduction

First of all: This is a highly political blog. For those sensitive to political issues I advise to quickly close the window and leave the website. And this is not a forum for debating the current political or economical situation either. For that there are many other blogs out there, so no need for another one.
Furthermore, this is a pretty radical blog, a pool of radical ideas (mostly radical from the Thai point of view). I have been described as rather moderate, I want to see how radical my ideas really are.
On the other hand, I am a rather pragmatical person, not overly intellectual. I derive my views from historical and political analysis rather than any kind of dogmas, philosophies or ideologies. Hence you won't see me discussing Marx, Lenin, Habermaas or Adam Smith. So important they may be, the political reality dictates another tune.

But it should not be just politics. It is also about environmental issues, wildlife protection, history, social issues, transport... short, everything I can speak out for or against. Again,things written here are not always pleasant for some to hear, especially if they cling on to beliefs and orders they have grown up with.

And, as the title of the blog suggests, I am focussing on Thailand and Southeast Asia, the region I am dedicated to. Even I am proud to be Thai, I don't stand for nationalism but for a peaceful and prosperous Southeast Asia.

Last but not least, everyone is welcomed to debate and discuss, to contribute and comment. Only the discourse keeps an idea alive.

In respect,

Phangphawn Noi

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